New Christmas weekend discounts are live on PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store is back with another roster of incredible discounts to enjoy this weekend. Survive the perilous jungles of South...
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Hands-on with Capcom’s resurrected survival horror classic, Resident Evil 2 on PS4

Leon, Claire, and Ada return with slick new visuals & gameplay After 20-odd games, Resident Evil is one of gaming’s most stori...
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How Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game promises to capture the excitement of the PS4 sci-fi adventure

From tear damage to machine behaviour, creator Steamforged Games reveals its design secrets as the tie-in’s Kickstarter campaign l...
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Insomniac interview: the tech behind Marvel’s Spider-Man

Learn how Insomniac Games taps into the power of PS4 and PS4 Pro to create a massive world that looks amazing In Marvel’s Spider-M...
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Explore, barter and shape a universe in MMO adventure Boundless, out on PS4 next week

As Early Access version launches tomorrow, the game’s creator details how it’s been designed to let you play how you want to Hey t...
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Photo gallery: Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro

I finally got my mitts on the new Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle! And I must say, it’s even more ‘Amazing’ in ...
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Destiny 2: Forsaken launches today on PS4

Hey it’s DeeJ from Bungie here on the eve of a brand-new adventure in the world of Destiny. We’re so excited for you all to experi...
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Battlefield V’s open beta starts on 6th September – here’s everything you need to know

DICE talk us through modes, vehicles and weapons, and explain how you can get access early The November launch of Battlefield V cr...
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6 things you need to know about dark fantasy RPG Shadows: Awakening, out today on PS4

Switch between different souls to combine attacks in combat, and shift dimensions at the touch of a button to explore two differen...
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